Event Program
Events Nov. 11 (Wed) Nov. 12 (Thu) Nov. 13 (Fri) Nov. 14~15 (Sat~Sun)
Exhibitions Nov. 11th~Nov. 15th (5days) 2015 Jinju International Agriculture & Food Expo 2015 (10:00~17:00)
Other Events Oct.30th~Nov. 15th (17days) The 13th Jinju Chrysanthemum Exhibition (10:00~18:00)
Oct.30th~Nov.15th (17days) The 5th Korean Agricultural Seed Expo (10:00~18:00)
Nov. 12th (Thu) The 17th Jinju Agricultural Exports Top Award Ceremony (11:00~12:00)
Nov. 12th (Thu) The 20th Farmer's Day Festival (10:00~18:00)
Opening Opening Ceremony      
Ceremony (10:00~12:00)
  Venue : Place of opening
  Welcome Reception
  Venue : Dinner Hall
Business Programs Business Meetings (10:00~17:00)    
Venue : Export Consultation Hall    
Jinju International Urban Agriculture Forum Agriculture Intellectual Property Right & FTA New Technology Education on Agriculture/Live stock industry  
(10:00~14:00) (10:00~16:00) (10:00~ 17:00)  
Venue : Conference Hall A Venue : Conference Hall A Venue : Conference Hall A  
Anti-Aging International Forum Six-Sector of the economy & Tourism Symposium on Agri-food Study Group  
Venue : Conference Hall B  
MOU Signing  
(10:00~13:00) (16:00~17:00) (14:00~17:00)  
Venue : Conference Hall B Venue : Dinner Hall Venue : Conference Hall B  
Exhibitors, Buyers Reception Dinner Networking Party for Buyers    
(18:00~20:00) (18:00~20:00)  
Venue : Dinner Hall Venue : Dinner Hall  
Site Tour Programs   Technical Tour (14:00~17:00)  
Venue : Local Companies in Jinju
  Farm Stay  
Venue : Local Farms in Jinju
Special Events 2014 Jinju International Barista Competition (JIBC) (November 12th~November13th)
agricultural product sales (Friday, 30th October~Sunday, 15th November)
Direct Experience Programs: Food Activity (making korean flour cake/healthy drinking water, animal etc.
Cultural Experience: Traditional performance in Jinju(Kyo-bang exorcism), magic/face
Running Local/general food section
Venue : Local Food Exhibition Hall, General Food Exhibition Hall
Secretariat of Jinju International Agriculture & Food Expo 2015
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