Name Tel. Remarks
AMIGA HOTEL +82-55-746-6583 High-class facilities with hotel-interior construction
TAEWONJANG HOTEL +82-55-746-0021 Located in downtown, Convenience transportation
DONGBANG TOURIST HOTEL +82-55-743-0131 4 stars hotel, Located in Nam-river side, Facilities: Business Center, Sauna, Souvenir Shop, etc.
ASIA LAKESIDE HOTEL +82-55-746-3734 Located on Jinyang-lake
HOSUSOKUI DONGHWAPUNGGYEONG +82-55-759-6454 Elegantly designed by finishing with special painting
VERSACE MOTEL +82-55-746-8080 Shower facilities (Whirlpool and steam shower)
GUEMGANG MOTEL +82-55-748-9795 3mins. from JinJu I.C
NEW SILLA MOTEL +82-55-747-1188 4mins. from Highway, JinJu Castle, and Choksukru
JINSUNG PARAGON MOTEL +82-55-745-3195 5mins. from JinJu I.C.
RICH MOTEL +82-55-745-3191 Located in the middle of downtown
YOUNGJIN MOTEL +82-55-754-9932 Far-infrared radiation, and air purification by constructed with loess clay
ROSE MOTEL +82-55-741-3321 1~2 mins. from tourism spot
ORIRA +82-55-758-9501 Free Internet, 1 Parking space per room
YEOWOOBI MOTEL +82-55-742-6651 Boutique rooms designed by experts for hotel
SKY MOTEL +82-55-747-5522 Spacious and luxurious amenities in a cozy atmosphere
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